Why the Medical Equipment Industry can Benefit from Using a 3PL

Jan 28 2014

The medical industry is responsible for treating, diagnosing and saving patients’ lives.  Therefore, medical industry relies heavily on the medical equipment industry.  They need the x-ray machines, lights, tables, needles, anything that you would see in a patient room or operating room.  When medical equipment goes down this is costly not only for the patient, but the doctor and hospitals.  The medical equipment industry should rely on a third party logistics (3PL) provider to help them ensure overstock of product parts, on-time deliveries, experienced drivers and efficient end-to-end processes. 

With a 3PL provider:

  • You can trust that special care has been taken to ensure the safety of your medical equipment
  • Your stocked inventory will be accurate and carefully pulled and ready for delivery
  • Your equipment will be close to any facility you need utilizing their hundreds of forward stocking locations
  • You will save money by keeping your downtime low and getting your machines up and running quickly
  • We all know that machines can go down anytime.  That is why third party logistics companies should have experienced staff ready to help 24x7x365
  • You will be provided with online technology that lets you monitor your equipment from the beginning to end of delivery

When patients rely on doctors, doctors rely on medical equipment; medical equipment industries should rely on us.

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