Cord Blood Courier: Selecting The Best Transportation Provider

May 07 2013

With the growing popularity of parents’ deciding to bank their child’s umbilical cord blood comes an increasing demand for a quality cord blood courier. If there’s one truth about childbirth and logistics, it’s that they’re not always on the same page. Traditionally, we look at logistics as being calculated and linear in nature; so the variance and often unpredictability of child birth has been an issue for many logistics providers.

The keys to quality logistics of cord blood transport are flexibility and selecting a provider whose internal structure is equipped to handle it. There are several successful logistics providers who simply are not in a position to handle umbilical cord transport. Here are five quick ways to spot a solid candidate to transport your customers’ cord blood kits.

  1. Same day (counter-to-counter) transport is not just a service they offer, but one they specialize in. (it’s great that more logistics companies are offering a wider range of services, but you want their best…it’s the same reason you wouldn’t order a steak at a Chinese restaurant).
  2. Although many pick-ups will be scheduled in advance, be sure a courier can be dispatched and provide a pick-up in under an hour. You don’t want a courier sitting outside the hospital racking up wait-time charges just as much as you don’t want him showing up several hours late because of changes in birth schedule.
  3. Drivers are professional and present themselves well.  This seems like a given, but make sure you ask.  The couriers showing up to pick-up your customer’s kit is an extension of your cord blood bank.  Make sure they present themselves that way.
  4. The courier should give high levels of visibility to their shipments not just to you, but to the new parents as well.  Online visibility for your team along with instant updates via email to the parents help provide a sense of security and professionalism.
  5. The logistics provider can store kits near your customers in “Forward Stocking Locations”. Throughout the chaos of giving birth, parents may either forget their kits or decide last minute they want to bank their baby’s cord blood. The solution to this is keeping a number of kits stored strategically across the country for quick and easy delivery to the hospital. (This is also a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors).

There are so many things to worry about when running a Cord Blood Bank that there is no need to add logistics to the list. Find a logistics provider who has been around the block and who you can trust. An easy non-committal way of trying out different providers is to request a web demo from a sales rep. If you are interested in learning more about this, please click below to request an online demo.

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