3 Reasons To Open a Counter to Counter (Next Flight Out) Account

Apr 30 2013

counter to counter service (also known as Next Flight OutNFOsame day shippingexpress shippingsame day ground couriersame day air courier) is the absolute most time-critical shipping service available to businesses today.Counter to counter services were first pioneered back in the 1970’s by Hollywood film industries that required film reels be transferred across the country safely and quickly in order to be shown in multiple theaters. Over the years, counter to counter service providers saw dozens of other practical applications for counter to counter shipping, including: industrial parts, machinery, clothing, important documents, aircraft parts (AOG), and the life science industry. The life science industry requires counter to counter servicesfor: Tissue, Medical Device, Blood, Cord Blood, Organs, Cell Therapy, Labs, Medical Testing, Eye Tissue, Dental Implants, Medical Imaging, Clinical Trials and Lab Animal Transportation. The life science industry is now so reliant onnext flight out services that it is a wonder how it ever worked without. Organs and medical tissue are now able to be moved across the country in a matter of hours for transplantation, storage and serology testing.

So other than using counter to counter shipping as a life-saving tool, why should businesses open up an account? The simple answer is because YOU NEVER KNOW. Businesses may be aware that the service does exist, but are often not aware that post-9/11 security measures require that a person or business is identified by the TSA as a “Known Shipper”. This process can take up to a month to clear, which is too late when your business is in a jam. Having an account opened with a next flight out provider will ensure that you are:

  1. KSMS “Known Shipper”- meaning you are not seen as a threat to National Security.
  2. Aware of standard rates and charges that the counter to counter provider has in order to accurately be quoted on cost and timing of delivery.
  3. Able to accommodate to the most rigorous standards of your clients logistical demands (often giving businesses an edge over their competition).

When a client wants to know how quickly you can have a product to them, they don’t have time to wait while you scramble to find acounter to counter provider; your clients will want to know that you have SOPs (standard operating procedures) in place for handling time-critical shipments. Imagine the edge you will have over your competition when you can offer a 5 hour delivery time versus having to wait for a next day delivery pick up time. Setting up an account with an NFO (next flight out) provider is often free to set up, and once in place, can be utilized at the drop of a hat. Most shipments can be picked up within 30 to 60 minutes of the time called in.

What are other advantages and possible disadvantages to having a counter to counter account on file?

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