About Us

As a leading national medical courier company, we combine process, technology and people as well as industry knowledge, strong relationships and specialized employee training to help our customers and partners achieve their patient care goals. Medical Logistic Solutions specializes in creating efficient same-day courier routes for the proper handling of laboratory specimens, organs, blood, pharmaceuticals, confidential records and other mission critical items. 

Scalable Medically Focused Courier Solutions

We have found that many of our customers need a scalable solution in same day logistics. Most accounts have a need for route based medically trained couriers that understand the unique needs in the medical industry.

Route Based/On Demand/Same Day Air & Central Supply

Our customers also routinely have a need for on demand or stat courier services in addition to route based couriers and they also have a need for the occasional same day air, next flight out shipment. Finally we often see a need for central stocking or central supply in which we can store product that an entire lab or hospital group may need in a central location. We can pull stock as needed from the central warehouse (link to locations map) and deliver these materials as needed to the hospital, labs or care facilities. This allows our customers to reduce inventory carry costs while improving overall service levels. It is also a variable cost model in which our customers only pay for the space they use, allowing them to flex up and down as needed to support the needs of their business. This model improves operating efficiency and drives costs down.

National Footprint

What is really compelling about MLS is that we are able to offer all of these services including large scale warehousing and distribution under one roof and across multiple markets throughout North America. While many of our customers start with a local solution it is not long before many want to look at larger regional or national applications.

The challenge in the market is that there are very few regional solutions and almost no viable national solutions. MLS offers broad geographic coverage including both rural and metro coverage.


Technology is critically important when we talk about the need to scale. MLS has our own in house IT programming staff and has created a unique customer portal that allows our accounts to see their shipments across the platform, both route and on demand as well as same day air and central supply inventory levels.

We also offer IT integration between our systems and your ERP again using our own internal IT resources. This integration allows our customers to:

  • Dispatch jobs
  • Change or add stops to routes
  • Create on demand/stat jobs
  • Schedule same day air shipments
  • Query inventory levels
  • Schedule receipt and decrements to in house inventory
  • View inventory levels

What does this all mean?

It means that as you grow you can rely on systems to do the heavy lifting instead of adding headcount. We also fully support electronic billing via our integrations. EDI billing is a snap to set up and customize.


Last but certainly not least is the need our customers have for reporting. Since our systems are built on state of the art SQL database infrastructure and we allow customers access to our cloud based system, you can access and query the database from anywhere via our secure portal. The portal will allow you to run and view custom reports, save those reports for future use and also to download those reports via comma delimited files or direct to excel so that you can use them internally for reporting.

Smart Phones and Bar Code Scanning

Our drivers are using smart phone technology in the field which means that we can dispatch to them live, change routes and implement technology based solutions like bar code scanning to support individual customer needs.

With MLS you get:

  • Dependable 24x7/365 Dispatch and Delivery - Call 1-800-888-RUSH
  • Locally Operated - Local Operations Managers - provide the oversight and immediate fact-to-face response you expect. We are flexible and customize to your needs; adding and training new employees as needed.
  • Experienced - since 1987 NGL Medical Logistic Solutions has provided medical deliveries for national and local Hospitals, Laboratories, Public Health Departments, VAMCs, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Radiological Firms, Doctors, Veterinarians, and Nursing Homes.
  • The Right Size - Our 500+ drivers handle over 3,000 deliveries per day, giving us a depth that smaller competitors do not have. Yet, we are small enough to customize services to your particular needs.
  • Chain of Custody - Secure transport of narcotics and crime lab items.
  • Large Coverage Areas - Spanning more than 500 cities in 27 states.
  • Competitively Priced - Our knowledge of creating efficient route structures allows us to bring competitive pricing which we customize based on your specific needs.
  • Temperature Controlled Deliveries - Drivers are equipped with coolers, ice packs and dry ice to store lab specimens during transport.
  • Professional Drivers; Trained and Tested - Ensuring specimen integrity, biohazard control, and safety with pharmaceuticals and controlled substances, all within HIPAA/patient confidentiality. Our drivers have passed drug testing and criminal background checks. Our drivers are uniformed and have Photo ID.
  • Web Order Entry & Tracking - We utilize courier specific software that allows your staff to place and track orders on-line or get billing information. And we enter your common delivery addresses in drop-down menus for fast and easy ordering.


Medical Logistic Consulting offers assistance with courier/delivery system, operational efficiency, long term planning and growth as well as courier training.

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Customer Service

800-888-RUSH (7874)

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Company Summary

  • Medical-specific courier
  • Operating since 1989
  • Extensive driver training
  • 24/7/365 Dispatch & Deliveries
  • Web-order Entry, Dispatch and Tracking
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Quality/Patient-Care focused
  • Extensive Medical Customer References
  • Large size provides stability

Primary Mission

Our primary mission at Medical Logistic Solutions, Inc., is 100% service given to all deliveries entrusted to us by our customers. 100% service is 100% completion in a professional, courteous and timely manner — performed in the time frame and proper handling as dictated by our customers. Not doing so potentially places the health of our patients in jeopardy. This type of quality is achieved only by implementing strict practices and procedures by which all deliveries are handles in a consistent fashion by all employees, everyday.


The vision of Medical Logistic Solutions is to be the premier medical express and contract courier service. Our five year goals include expanding our national footprint. We can only achieve this with the help and dedication of each of our employees and by upholding the values of the company.